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From: Iris Wood <>
Subject: Deaths at Sea register
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 08:33:42 +0800

Hi List
Not quite London! However relates to London records
A few people have asked similar questions. I have been hoping to pick up
some advice. Problem : Another female ancestor of mine was born at
sea off the Coast of West Aust. (1850) The ship was a convict ship and
her father (baby's) was in charge of Prisoners on the trip. He was an
invalided Soldier employed as a Pensioner Guard. The Surgeon must have
completed his report before the event and it is not recorded. The
primary source for this info probably comes from Census (the only one we
have in WA) There may be other references to the birth in other
documents ie Colonial correspondence, however I haven't come across it
and I am always delving into these records.
I know there is a "Births at Sea" register kept somewhere in London..
Has anyone used this? Where is it and is it easy to follow?. I have an
idea I have been down this path before and found a dead end. In case
anyone should wonder - his military records were officially closed once
he took up this new appointment.
Hope someone can assist. TIA

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