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From: "Jo Taylor" <>
Subject: Re: Apothecaries R-Z
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 12:41:49 +0200

> I wrote:
> >Dear Rhonda,
> >It is very kind of you to go to so much trouble to list all these names,
> >have you investigated the copyright position? As the London Poll Book
> >is published by SoG -
> >
> >it's possible there might be a problem with your copying out chunks of
> >Might be better (and far less work for you!) simply to offer look-ups...
> >does anyone know the position on this?
And Ian Newman replied:
> I think that copyright expires after fifty years.>***see below
> So I think Rhonda's fairly well assured of no Police knocking on her door,
> and methinks there is not much chance of the Author ringing to complain
> either!
Mmm, it was the fact that it has been re-published (and is available for
purchase from SoG)that worried me. Wouldn't the present publisher have any
copyright on the publication? Wouldn't want to see Rhonda's generosity
repaid by her being 'done' for infringing that!
Cheers, Jo

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