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From: Liz <>
Subject: Re: Henry/Harry Horn
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 06:39:28 +0100

Roslyn Lomas wrote:
> Hi all
> Following on from correspondence in reference to Kindred Konnections,
> I have just received the following message, most probably taken from
> my ancestral name left on ? list.
> I would value your thoughts and comments as this is the first time I
> have
> come across anything like this.
> Roslyn of NZ
> > I don't have that particular Horn. But I am the SurnameWeb Page Host
> for
> > the Name Horn. I would like to submit your Question on my page and
> place
> > your search on my page. Would you give me permission to do so?
> > My page is

Dear Roslyn,

It appears to be a genuine personal webpage without any hidden agendas -
albeit a bit pretentious (all those angels-yuk!) and probably very US

You can look at the database without committing yourself to

When you leave a surname interest 'out there' you will get responses
either in personal emails or direction to webpages - sometimes years
later, when you have long forgotten putting your interest up. As long as
no-one is asking you for money it is always worth exploring other
people's work on your name. Blue moons DO happen. I heard from a
'cousin' in Australia who has done some really good work (properly
sourced) on the descendants of my 6gt grandma's brother! It confirmed
the genetic predisposition to identical twins to reside very clearly in
this particular branch of my tree - which was interesting.

Good hunting
Liz (Greenwich UK)

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