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From: "Roslyn Lomas" <>
Subject: Re: Henry/Harry Horn
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 19:50:22 +1300

Hi Liz,
Thank you so much for your comments. Good to have someone
else confirm what I thought, and maybe I was being over cautious,
but ...

You also commented:
> When you leave a surname interest 'out there' you will get responses
> either in personal emails or direction to webpages - sometimes years
> later, when you have long forgotten putting your interest up. As
long as
> no-one is asking you for money it is always worth exploring other
> people's work on your name. Blue moons DO happen. I heard from a
> 'cousin' in Australia who has done some really good work (properly
> sourced) on the descendants of my 6gt grandma's brother! It
> the genetic predisposition to identical twins to reside very clearly
> this particular branch of my tree - which was interesting.
Very well put - gosh with all these personal letters I am penning to
HORN folk in England, I could become very well known.
Roslyn of NZ

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