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From: "David Halliday" <>
Subject: Re: More research on FAULKNER plus BARNARD (John Henley replied)
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 17:54:40 +1000

Hi John,

Thanks for your note - yes we realised that the St. C's index was our next
step. We've actually just got in from visiting our local LDS (which is so
small it only gets to borrow the St. C's films on a rotational basis - it
currently has "births").

We were just reconciling ourselves to looking at the main Genealogy centres
in Sydney or Melbourne on our next trip from the bush, when lo and behold,
three different replies from listers on the Middlesex and Sussex Lists
suddenly gave us what we needed and catapulted us back three more
generations in 20 seconds!!

As for Somerset House - "been there done that" back in the early 60's!!

To all other subscribers - yes, you can get real lucky occasionally - and
boy, does it feel good.


David and Pat Halliday
Bellingen NSW Oz

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From: John Henley <>
To: David Halliday <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 1999 1:41 AM
Subject: Re: More research on FAULKNER plus BARNARD

> Hi David
> Gong to your nearest LDS centre or major library and tackling the GRO
> quarterly indexes (sometimes confusingly and erroneously known as
> St.Catherine's Indexes - the GRO was at Somerset House for the best part
> 150 years before moving into St.Catherine's House for a few years: the
> records are now at the purpose-built PRO outpost, the Family Record Centre
> in Myddleton Street) for the appropriate marriages and births seems your
> sensible option. It's not that bad - once the only way was to search the
> originals in London, as they were not even microfilmed. I well remember
> standing shoulder to shoulder with other researchers in an overcrowded
> Somerset House :-).
> Cheers
> John Henley (if it bounces try again, trouble with ISP, I am still
here:-) ]
> You could also try reaching me at
> researching
> [London/Middx./Essex/Suffolk]
> HILL [Staffs/Cambs/Berks]
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> From: David Halliday <Date: 19 October 1999 10:19Subject: More research on
> >A while ago, I posted a query looking for a William Faulkner in the
> >area, possibly in the 1880s.
> >>We now know his wife's maiden name was Sophia Celia BARNARD and that
> >were likely to have been born somewhere in S.E. England between 1810 and
> >1835 and married somewhere between 1825 and 1853 (both deliberately broad
> >ranges). Furthermore, he was a bricklayer by trade.
> >>At least one of their children, Thomas, was born in Brighton in 1853 and
> >it's highly likely that they lived in Battersea sometime in the 1860s or
> 70s
> >(possibly in St. Philips St.)
> >>Our problem is that the IGI fiche, Register CDs and Vital Records CDs
> >fail to produce a William/Sophia combination, whilst the 1881 census does
> >produce two possible couples (Hackney and Gt. Faringdon, Berks) and 4
> >possible widowers (various S.E. Counties). Neither have I got anywhere
> >browsing various One-Name and Surname sites.
> >>I suppose failing this, it's tackling the St. Catherine's Index - the
> >way!
> >>Here's hoping for a break.>>Regards>>David Halliday>Bellingen NSW Oz
> >
> >
> >

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