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From: "sandra fordham" <>
Subject: Re: Writing to living relis , word of warning
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 12:10:20 PDT

Hi Ros,

I have belonged to this list for about three weeks, and I think all the very
kind and helpful people all subscribe to this list. They really are a
lovely bunch - with the added bonus of having a lovely sense of humour.

Good luck -I'm still trying to get past my grandparents.

Sandra in wintry Essex, in England

>From: "Roslyn Lomas" <>
>Subject: Re: Writing to living relis , word of warning
>Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 08:02:01 +1300
>Good morning Will and other list members
>Oh dear, it think that original letter came from me in a reply
>to a list letter.
> > I sent out over 150 letters and i only received 25 replies ,
> >none of which were related at all . It was a huge waste
> > of money .
>I look at it in this light - there are no living relatives left that
>have the information I require, there are no parents listed on
>the marriage and death certificates, in fact a total brick wall.
>I began writing to Horn surname folk in Middlesex, as this
>is the address my ancestor gave when leaving England.
>Sure it has cost money, and yes a lot will not reply because
>they are not interested OR feel it not necessary to reply as
>they are not related - BUT that way they can be eliminated
>from my list.
>To date I have had some very in-depth replies, which has
>given me information to work my way through. This will be
>the slow part !
>There is one thing I have learnt since beginning my quest
>to learn of my heritage, and that is how very kind and helpful
>others can be - there are people out there who are kind,
>loving and thoughtful - they are the ones who make my heart
>Roslyn of NZ
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