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From: Eve McLaughlin <>
Subject: Re: 1891 Census, any hints?
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 01:24:19 +0100

>This may be a silly question, but after trawling through the 1891 Census
>without the aid of an address and only a name and area to guide me, I am
>after a bit of sound advice about how best to cope with it. Has anybody
>been through this process (surely Yes) and is there a better way?
If you are working on a rural area, then trawling a village or even a
smalltown is the simplest opiton.
If you are working on London (e.g. St Pancras), this is going to be
much harder, because of the sheer numbers of people. If humanly
possible, get a birth certificate for someone in the family who was born
around that date (even if it is not direct line). If you know the father
was a tradesman (or rich) then he should be easy to locate in a
commercial directory or the 'private residents' directory. Street
directories are another matter since you more or less need to know the
street to find the street. I realise it is not easy, working form a
distance, but I think the Mormons have filmed at least some of the
London directories at Guildhall - or just maybe someone would be willing
to hunt for you.
Otherwise, trawl it is - You can run your eye down the section with
the surnmaes, not read every word, which reduces the labour. I've done
the whole of a large area of Manchester, looking for a particular man.
Four hours later, I found the man, and next but one, his future bride,
her parents, granny and his uncle, all huddled together in one small
section - five minutes before closing time. So it can be done.
Eve McLaughlin

Author of the McLaughlin Guides for family historians
Secretary Bucks Genealogical Society

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