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From: Glen & Zoe <>
Subject: Re: Re. Ginealogy,!
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 02:09:39 -0400

Hi Mary,

Would you be so kind as to let us know the area you are researching
from. I have replied to you previously, but received no response.
You will need to search the GRO indexes in order to find the marriage.

There are many people on this list that are more than willing to
help, but you have to be willing to some research for yourself.
Searching a period of ten years can take a long time, it means
looking at 10 to 20 films (at least).

If you give me the area where you are researching from, I would be more
than willing to look up your closest FHC so that you may conduct your
own research. If you are not able to do your own research there, I
could recommend a researcher that would be able to obtain your
certificates for the price plus a research fee.

Zoe Archer
Ontario Canada

HP Authorized Customer wrote:
> Hi, this Mary Again!
> I am just about to give up, but I like to ask all of you, is there any way that I can order a married certificate from London , if I don't know the exact day of the wedding,?I am guessing, that Maria Molina got married , between 1898, and 1908, and the name of her husband was Alex, no surname, so that is way I have to find it, is any place I can write to?
> Kindest wishes Mary
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