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From: "Sally Thompson" <>
Subject: Re: Re GRO records et al
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 17:57:30 +0100

Sylvia <> wrote:
>> Hi: For the benefit of all the newbies (like me???!!!) could someone
break down all these terms, i.e. GRO etc., in the simplest possible
terms. I'm in the USA and have to go thru my local LDS history center
and many of them really don't have a clue about all these English
records (like birth, marriage, death etc) and how they work. If I'm
looking for, say, Joe Bloggs, what's my first, second, third etc., step
in locating birth/marriage/death records for him? I don't know about
anyone else, but I don't have a clue where to start, what to order,
etc., etc. Very many thanks to whoever has the patience to OVERsimplify
this for me. Sylvia PS - I'm not looking for a Joe Bloggs by the way,
but the name will do!!! <<

I'm taking you at your word, and giving you the early learning version,
so will experienced researchers please hit the delete button and/or go
and make a cup of coffee <g>

First, I suggest you look at the Genuki site <>;
which will give you lots of helpful info and links.

For England and Wales, BDM records are indexed in quarters of the year
alphabetically, and most LDS centres have them on fiche or film. (They
often call them the St Catherine's indexes, but the correct name is the
GRO). So, if you want to find the birth of "Joe Bloggs" you go to a
likely year and look under the Bloggs entries for each quarter.
Remember that this is the date of registration, not the date of birth,
so if Joe was born in December, say, he may well be registered in the
March quarter for the following year. Speaking with the weary voice of
experience <bg>, I suggest you write down all Bloggs entries just in
case. Otherwise when you start looking for his brothers and sisters,
you'll have to go back and do it all over again...... He may also be
known as Joe but registered as Henry Joseph, or whatever. When you have
found your very own Joe Bloggs (and this may take quite some time), note
down the details in the index, which will be something like:
BLOGGS, Joe, St Crispin in the Mud, Vol xx, Page xx. I find it helpful
to have a ready prepared form to write the details in - don't forget to
include the quarter and the year.

Then look up the details of the relevant registration district on
Genuki. The index does not contain any more details than the above
until you get to 1911, when you get the mother's maiden name, so you
then have to write to the appropriate superintendent registrar with 6.50
GBP and sit back and wait for your certificate. You will need to give
the details from the index but not the Vol and page number. These are
only needed if you order direct from FRC in London or ONS in Southport
(not really recommended if you can help it because it's very slow, and
dearer). Follow the same procedure for a death certificate. For a
marriage cert, unfortunately this will not work unless you know the name
of the actual church. I suggest that you employ a London researcher to
get marriage certs for you - or, if you must, order direct from the ONS
online - but be prepared to wait a very long time:
or email: <>

Here ends lesson one. If you need further info, please let me know.
Sally in Sussex, UK

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