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From: hbellamy64 <>
Subject: Re DOCWRA
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 22:30:32 +0100

Hi Mary

I have a distant connection to the name DOCWRA but it is back in the
early 1700's, the sister of our direct ancestor married someone of this

When I discovered some of my DELLERs and WINTERs, who move to London in
the mid 19C, were originally from Cambridgeshire, I purchased several
Parish Register fiches relating to the villages they came from. The name
DOCWRA seems to be very common in these areas, some parishes mention a
couple, while others such as Bassingbourn has over 250 references to the
name DOCWRA and Barrington over 36. As some these records relate to
dates as early as the 1560's, I think that is possible that this name
originated in this area.

We also have GARDNERs living in Bethnal Green, London in the mid 19c,
are yours from this area?


Heather (in Wales)

<<Does anyone have this name in their line? It comes into mine twice.
as a marriage into the Gardner family, about 1835, and the other time
later as a servant. It's unusual enough to start checking on it!

Mary Brockmeyer>>

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