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From: "Mary Brockmeyer" <>
Subject: GRO records et al-Thanks
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 09:09:02 -0700

Thank to all who explained the GRO to me and other newbies recently. I went
to my local FHC yesterday, and found that it may be the size of the FHC that
is the problem. There is a very large center in West Los Angeles, which
will require a Saturday and a babysitter, but they have the files and
presumably I can buy the British research index there too.

I really opened some eyes there yesterday - I think they are used to people
who don't know what they are doing! And I was so well prepared thanks to
all of you, that I surprised them. The other thing I found, is that they
are NOT aware of what is available on the web. The volunteer kept coming
back to the fiche room to tell me a computer was free. I declined nicely
several times, then finally explained that it was all available on the Web
and I could do it at home instead of tying up one of her machines. She
looked puzzled, then kept asking if all the files were online, like the
Family History Library, ALL of the IGI, etc. I told her I was pretty sure,
and explained that it was actually easier at home, no swapping disks back
and forth.

But thank you all - now I now where to go and what to ask for.


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