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From: Eve McLaughlin <>
Subject: Re: Questions about the IGI
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 20:51:10 +0100

In message <>, Garnet McConney
<> writes
>Could some kind person please enlighten me on a couple of matters regarding
>the IGI?
>First of all, are the entries in the IGI taken strictly from parish records
>and GRO records?
some are entered after a process of 'controlled extraction', which means
someone has sat down with a film of the registers are put in the
(stylised) entries for a stated period. The main series are marked with
C or M (christenings and marriages), or E, K, and p for already printed
or transcribed entries.
>If parish records have been filmed by the LDS church does
>that necessarily mean that all the entries will be in the IGI?
all those for the period stated at the beginning of a set under'parish
and vital records' listings', country by country, county by county. The
transcribers may not have completed the whole index from all the filmed

>If I check the online IGI six months from now, could one of my previously
>elusive ancestors suddenly be there?
I don't think so - generally they close the files at a certain date
and then issue an update a couple of years later. Of course, the on-
line version may be making its own rules, but I rather doubt it, or they
would not have issued the 'British Vital Records' disc, of additions,
popularly known as 'Son of IGI'/

Eve McLaughlin

Author of the McLaughlin Guides for family historians
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