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From: "Jill Verran" <>
Subject: Re: Nunhead Cemetary Records
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 19:34:34 +0100

Come off it, Sylvia, Nunhead is a wonderful place! I was delighted to meet
my great-grandfather there! - and so pleased to find a really legible
inscription on his grave.

Seriously, you make a sensible point. The cemetery records in the 'little
room' are priceless, as I believe its true that they have not been indexed
or copied - and they are literally falling to pieces. If ever a grant was
needed to allow them to be re-bound and properly stored somewhere secure,
then the time is now. Goodness knows what to do about the problem, but
surely LMA or some similar repository should take them in and render some

Also, Friends of Nunhead do a good job, but they cannot begin to read all
the MIs which will soon be totally lost.

Problems, problems :-(
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From: Sylvia <>
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Sent: Saturday, October 30, 1999 6:17 AM
Subject: Re: Nunhead Cemetary

> A lot of my family are buried at Nunhead cemetary (creepy place). They
> all the old books there, in a little office. I got information on my
> grandfather buried there in 1898. You'll definitely need the dates of
> death tho. I wrote there about some of the graves and got quite a bit of
> info. The address: Mr. M.T. Buckley, Southwark Council, Camberwell New
> Cemetary, Benchley Gardens, London SE23 3RD. Telephone: 0171-639 3121,
> FAX -171-732 3557. Free!! Sylvia
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> From: Peter G Rushworth <>
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> Date: Friday, October 29, 1999 9:45 PM
> Subject: Nunhead and Forest Hill Cemeteries
> >Could some SKS help me out I require information on members of my family
> >that are buried in Nunhead and Forest Hill Cemeteries is there a web site
> or
> >an e-mail address where this information is avaiable.
> >
> >Peter Rushworth
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