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From: "Markandhelen Bishop" <>
Subject: Re: 1881 cds
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 12:38:22 -0000


You can purchase the 1881 census on CDs from Birmingham online at

I'm sorry this is too late to help you, but it may help others who live in
the UK.


Helen Bishop
Sevenoaks, Kent, UK.

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From: Yvonne Bradbrook <>
To: <>
Date: 22 February 2000 09:55
Subject: 1881 cds

Listers might be interested to know the true cost of acquiring the 1881
Census cds direct from LDS, Salt Lake City.
I ordered mine direct online. The cost of the actual CDs is more than
reasonable but then comes the catch.
Cds =£23.65
Air freight =£17.73 making a total of £41.38.
Then some weeks later a further bill from the DHL the freight company for
£18.27 being Import Vat of £8.27 and an administration fee of £10.
None of this is unreasonable but had I known it would all cost almost £60 I
would have thought twice having limited funds.
Researching one's family history is fascinating etc etc but expensive!
Hope the info is useful to would-be buyers.
Yvonne Bradbrook.

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