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From: "Amanda Bowen" <>
Subject: Re: Newbies (for want of a better name)
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 09:31:54 GMT

I agree!

I am new to the list, and log on every weekend to over 1000 meaningless

It would be better to insist that every enquiry starts with the name in
capitals, followed by the area/location/date - and that way at least you can
delete without missing anything important.

On some sites, they have a "monitor" who scans the messages - and rejects
them if they don't conform to the "rules".


>From: "Gareth Everitt" <>
>Subject: Newbies (for want of a better name)
>Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 02:29:49 +0100
>Hi Hugh and list
>Would it not be possible that as new members subscribe in the welcoming
>email they receive a list of does and don'ts, possible and nearly
>impossible searches, list of abbreviations, general information over CD's,
>PRO, LDS etc etc.
>Might possibly cut down on the amount of bickering /dumb questions etc and
>let us all get on with what we joined the list for.
>Comments?? Better idea ?? I was also a newbie 3 months ago and am learning
>the hard way.
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