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From: "Arturo Shaw" <>
Subject: RE: Engineers
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 09:38:50 +0200
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Thank you very much to all those people who answered or sent comments to my
mail on

I am not sending direct e-mails because the most important information I got
was already sent to the list.

As conclusion let me say that "Military" engineers are to be searched at PRO
and "civilian" engineers at the institutions corresponding with their
specialization like (mechanical) ,etc.

I did it and they found for me the admission of my GGGFather Duncan Shaw
into the
Institution of Mechanical Engineers as Member in 1864.

Librarians and archivists are so nice people...

It seems to me that Corps of Royal Engineers having a museum does not have
yet any e-mail
address where to send this sort of requests.

Many thanks

Arturo Shaw

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From: Robin [mailto:]
Sent: sábado 1 de abril de 2000 3:22
Subject: Re: Engineers

>>Do you know if it is possible to find lists of engineers or if it exist
>>association which could keep lists
>>of its members from 1820?

Eve replied:
>problem here - are you talking about civilians who were in the various
>engineering trades (who would not be listed as such, unless they were
>employers of labour, and then probably under another heading) or
>railway enghineers, who are listed (again, the major ones) or, as it
>appear, men who served in the Royal Engineers, an Army corps.

Or again, are you thinking of professional engineers? with letters such as
MICE or MIMechE after their names? Would be worth asking the engineering
institutions this....

Robin Hoare
Rawene, New Zealand

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