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From: "Ray Brindle" <>
Subject: RE: [Lon] Woolwich Arsenal/Shantytown
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 17:32:51 +1000
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Just to come back in on "Shanty Town". My mother says that is what the
residents in the Eltham area called the place she lived in in the early
1920s. Not wishing to offend the sensitivities of the good burghers of
Eltham, here is the response I got to an inquiry to the Lewisham Local
Studies Library:

"I understand from the staff at the Greenwich Local History Library,
Woodlands, Mycenae Road, London SE3 7SE (who can supply further details if
you write to them), that there was a large colony of hutments known as
'Shantytown', originally used by workers at the Woolwich Arsenal during the
Great War."

Subsequent information from others on this list is starting to flesh this
out a little. It does look like the estates gradually replaced the
temporary housing put there during WW1 to house the Arsenal workers.

In Central Victoria, Oz
(back from hospital already)

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From: Janet [mailto:]
Sent: Thursday, 1 June 2000 10:41 AM
Subject: RE: [Lon] Woolwich Arsenal

Hi there Veronica
I missed the original posts re Woolwich arsenal.
I think that the term "shanty town" may give people the wrong
impression of
the estate. My Dad (Ronald TRUMAN) was born at 302 Well Hall road in 1920,
and as I recall, they were quite large looking houses (they had to
dad was the youngest of 6!). I have photos of him and his brother playing on
their bikes at the house, also of my Gran feeding her chickens!!! I didn't
know my Grandad TRUMAN, he died in 1934, and then the family moved up to the
new estate built in Belvedere. Coincidentally, my mum's family moved from
Plumstead to the new "Lessness Park" estate at the same time. Now *that*
Grandad (Leonard VEALE) worked for many years in the Arsenal, and I have
several papers and photos to do with his job. The VEALE's had a long
association of working in the Arsenal, and my GG-grandfather was one of the
original founders of the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society (RACS) can
see his name on the plaque in the old CO-op building, now the council
Sorry to rattle on...but I thought it would make a change from a
"look up"
(mind you...if there are any ex-Plumstead VEALE's out there...)
Janet(in wet and windy change there then!)

in/around Hillingdon,Uxbridge,Crawley and Ruislip in 1800's.
HADFIELD...East and South London 1850-1900's
GILES......Southeast London (?Croydon)1860-1900's
VEALE...Plumstead 1850's onwards


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