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From: Eve McLaughlin <>
Subject: Re: [Lon] Hackney Register Office
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 01:36:36 +0100
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In message <004001bfcd39$ad319140$>, Glenda Boulter
<> writes
>I hope this isn't off subject, but could someone please let me know if I've done
>anything wrong?
>I sent to Hackney for my ggg grandparents' marriage certificate with the date,
>quarter, correct names etc.. I have a letter back saying, 'the information you
>supplied does not relate to our registers, it is for GRO/ONS purposes only.'
>I realise I am very new to all this, but I have had certificates from other
>register offices in London having provided them with the same information.

The only and important detail which would have helped is the actual
church where the marriage took place. Local registrars hold the marriage
information in separate files from each church etc as it comes in. They
cannot search dozens of churches even knowing the year and quarter. The
final reference figures do not mean anything to them, referring only to
the ONS ledgers.
Presumably you have previously asked for births or deaths, which are
filed by subdistrict and can normally be located by looking in 3-6
places. (or were dealing with a country area where the churches are
fewer and they struck lucky early on)
Hackney is a very busy office and the number of churches, chapels etc
was huge in the past. So it makes sense that they cannot find your
This information has been posted very frequently on this and other
lists, and I am sure you would have seen it if you had been on list for
There are FAQs which answer a lot of these problems in advance, posted
regularly, too.

Eve McLaughlin

Author of the McLaughlin Guides for family historians
Secretary Bucks Genealogical Society

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