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From: "Patricia Ellis" <>
Subject: Re: [Lon] WW2 Ship degaussing
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 08:57:45 -0000
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Dear Roy and List.
My father was a qualified plumber and gas fitter working for The Gas Light
and Coke Company (Later North Thames Gas) in Richmond Surrey and he was SENT
(his words) to Paisley ,Glasgow. to work in the shipyards.
I mention this as an example and I would suggest Roy you need to consider a
larger area than London or the Southern Ports. Good Luck.
James and Patricia ELLIS. Researching from rural Roughton Lincs.
ELLIS-sussex surrey BOORER/BORER sutton surrey or anywhere else.
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Subject: [Lon] WW2 Ship degaussing

> My father (John GOOD) was never, to my knowledge, in the services during
> World War 2. However, he always said he worked in the Docks, degaussing
> ships. Now, since his business was electrical engineering I certainly
> believe this, and also understand what it means.
> However - I have no knowledge of for whom he might have worked, nor
> where. A vague memory says "The Admiralty" - if that were the case, and
> was a cicilian employed by the Admiralty, where might I start to look to
> any record of his work?
> Does anyone know in what part of the docks the de-gaussing might have been
> done? I assumed London Docks - but maybe Tilbury?
> He lived in Walthamstow [E 17], and had a car during the war, and I
> he may have obtained petrol on account of his work.... After the war he
> Good Electric Co Ltd in Walthamstow, having started it at Brooke Parade in
> Chigwell in, I think, 1936 (where might I look for company records?).
> Roy Good, Los Angeles
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