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From: Eve McLaughlin <>
Subject: Re: [Lon] re Unusual Forename
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 23:19:08 +0000
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In message <016301c0a552$d869fd60$>, Anthony Eric Drew
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>Dear Listers,
> Many thanks for the very many replies to my previous message.
> The concensus seems to indicate some sort of previous naming e.g.
>parents, godparents, etc., but if this was some family tradition, I am
>afraid that Eliza Keep Tyler (nee Bannister) didn't carry the tradition on
>to her daughter (my grandmother).

a second forename which is a surname either indicates that the child was
illegitimate (the middle name being that of the father) or that the
family are upmarket or there is cash involved, and the parents hope that
by using the family name (of the mopther, or of a rich relative) some
of the lovely money will come their way. Keeps in Bucks/Northants were
quite big farmers, so if there is any link with them, it would be a good
thing to have commemorated by using the name

Eve McLaughlin

Author of the McLaughlin Guides for family historians
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