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From: Liz <>
Subject: Re: [Lon]
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 00:07:10 +0100
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> I think that we should all agree to disagree on the subject of giving out
> information from the NBI or wherever.

It is not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing. This List has a policy in
respect of this particular CD. I expect List subscribers to follow it.


> I think it's a good time to remember what this list is for....helping
> others to learn about genealogy, finding relatives and generally being nice
> people.

Not quite the official definition.

> It's good that people have their own opinions on things however,
> sometimes it's wise to keep quiet. I normally would keep quiet but I think
> this subject has gone on long enough. It's not what the list was >intended for.

This is not for you to say. The letter from FFHS was intended to be
posted to all Mailing Lists and, as Deputy Listowner I chose to pass it
on. There has naturally been discussion on what is an important issue
for family historians.

> Now, I think it's a brilliant time to let the subject drop and be more
> positive rather than negative.

> Please, let's get on with the real reason this list is here for.

This discussion has been sanctioned by me and is relevant to the List.
if anyone dislikes the way the List is run they are welcome to contact
me or Hugh privately. No-one but the Listowners should take it upon
themselves to tell other subscribers what to post or not post. This is
explicitly stated in your welcome message, by the way.

Liz (Greenwich UK)
Deputy Listowner

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