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From: Michael Bruff <>
Subject: Re: [Lon] The National Roll of the Great War 1914-18 - London - Anew CD from Archive CD Books
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 00:12:17 +0100
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The NRGW, despite the pious sentiments expressed in the introduction,
was an out-and-out commercial enterprise, intended, as far as I
recall (there was some correspondence about it on the Warwicks list a
couple of years back), to be paid for by subscription. The
information it contained was garnered from various sources, including
collators who went from street to street, door to door, asking for
information about family members who had fought in the war. Some
households were forthcoming, others not (in the case of virtually all
of my own grandparents'/great-grandparents generations, not!). As
Sharon Deane wrote, families may have been asked to pay to have their
husbands/sons/brothers included; in many instances, this may have
resulted in a terse reply, two words, the first being of three or
four letters, the second being 'off'.

There were 14 volumes: 1-3, 7 & 13 covered London, 4, Southampton, 5,
Luton, 6, Birmingham, 8, Leeds, 9, Bradford, 10, Portsmouth, 11,
Manchester, 12, Bedford & Northampton, and 14 Salford. The whole
rather dubious enterprise then went bust--unfortunately from the
point of view of we family historians 80 years on, although a
publishing company shamelessly cashing in on the tragedy of the Great
War deserved all it got, IMOH.

Is it worth buying? The cost of a CD-Rom is extremely reasonable,
certainly compared to that of a search of the MoD archives (which has
a much better than even chance of proving fruitless, and no money
back). But I would check the War Graves Commission website
( ) first, particularly if you *know* an ancestor
was killed. If he was, he will be there. There is also a CD which
gives (I am told) more info than the CWGC site, but I appear to have
lost the details. If you are within easy range of London, the SoG has
most of the volumes, the Imperial War Museum all of them. Outside
London? Check your local reference library -- it may hold the volume
of local interest, perhaps others.



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