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Subject: Re: [Lon] Granny's sayings
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 02:06:56 EST

Faynights, fanites whatever! I believe was a term like pax, requesting
a break in chase or he or other playground games

Barry Laughton

Looking for:- Springett, Ellis, Greenfield. (Essex)
Laughton, Briggs, Madden, Crispin. (London)
Briggs, (Clapham)
Clark(e), Connor (Drogheda, Eire)

Additional information on these names is on my website.

LOOK UPS available from 1948 Kelly's Directory of Merchants Manufacturers and
Shippers (Exporters & Importers)

This Directory is regionalised thus: England Scotland and Wales. London and
Suburbs, followed by Northern Ireland and Eire, then the Empire and then
other countries.
N.B. There are no shops or pubs. Lowest level appears to

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