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Subject: [Lon] Death of a 31 year old aunt - pregnancy perhaps.
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 10:12:26 +0100

THanks to everyone who replied to my posting re my aunt. Some of the possibilies have been fascinating and help to put the flesh on the bones.

This demonstrates the value of us learning the cause of death from death certificates, doesn't it? By censoring this information, as proposed we could be
left in the dark about some aspects of our relatives lives and not be able to tell GP's of problems which may run in families. This lady was my father's only
sibling. He died 20 years ago and would not talk about his family anyway.


Best Wishes
George Toth
Stockport, Cheshire (Greater Manchester), UK

Some names under research:
CASE anywhere in the world (I subscribe to
CASE-Family-D list)
TOTH - UK, north America & Europe
AREOFF (several spellings inc AIROV).
ALGER of West Ham and Lincolnshire.
TAYLOR, Barnsley area (pre 1895), Yorks & West Ham (Canning Town post 1895)
THORPE & NICHOLLS (Yorks, West Ham)

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