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From: <>
Subject: [Lon] Off Topic - MIME
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 11:23:06 +0100

To archive postings, I forward emails to my computer which operates aol. Digests appear as MIME messages. After displaying the original message, I copy & paste it to a notepad file.

Problem is with some digests, a message appears to say that aol cannot open the saved MIME message - too large to open.

Does anyone know which other program I can use to open and thus save the file into notepad. I have Works, wordpad, and some other common basic programs.


Best Wishes
George Toth
Stockport, Cheshire (Greater Manchester), UK

Some names under research:
CASE anywhere in the world (I subscribe to
CASE-Family-D list)
TOTH - UK, north America & Europe
AREOFF (several spellings inc AIROV).
ALGER of West Ham and Lincolnshire.
TAYLOR, Barnsley area (pre 1895), Yorks & West Ham (Canning Town post 1895)
THORPE & NICHOLLS (Yorks, West Ham)

Please note - This digital cable Television system accepts text emails but rejects many other formats. It also adds the truncated original message as an attachment when replying. It does not have a cut & paste or address book. George

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