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From: "Pat Grove" <>
Subject: [Lon] Recent scam with virus-PLEASE READ
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 15:40:39 +1000
References: <>

Yesterday I received a message from 'UK-northwest-d-request'

with the subject 'Re Family History Project Northern Ireland'

Inside was an attachment. there was nothing in the body of the message.

Luckily I keep my Antivirus up to date and received the following warning:
'Vet file monitor found c:\WINDOWS\TEMPORARY INTERNET
is Win32.Klez.E worm.'
Ofcourse I immediately deleted it without opening it.
Then I sent a message to the address above to warn them they had a virus and
got a message 'there was no such address'
I hope no-one has been caught by this. It seems someone is targeting Family
History now!!?

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