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From: "jenniehardie" <>
Subject: [LON] re 1891 census lookup
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 21:06:56 +1200

Firstly, thank you to all thos who tried to help me by looking up the address 8 Donnings Street.

What I thought was a crumbling brick wall has now turned out to be as hard as ever. My problem is this:

Mary HAYTHORPE, collar ironer, of 12 Hooper St, Clerkenwell married John NORTON, Hairdresser, of 3 Thruberring Court at St Bartholomews Church on 8 May 1881.

John NORTON died 1889 aged 27 (Reg. Dist. Holborn)

Mary NORTON, widow, of 8 Donnings Street maried John SMITH, farrier, of 33 Battle Street at Parish Church, St Luke on 21 May 1893.

I only have the transcript of the second marriage certificate as yet. Am waiting for the actual certificate to arrive, so can only go by the address given to me.

What I am trying to find out is if there were any children born to Mary and John NORTON. As the 1901 census is not yet online, I am unable to do a search that way. If anyone can make any sense of this and give me some advice I would be grateful.

Jennie in N.Z.

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