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From: "tjhowell1" <>
Subject: Re: [Lon] St Anne Church Soho Inquest Jurymen 1874
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 12:52:10 -0700
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good afternoon (evening) everyone - i contacted one of the
sources of the urls that i posted yesterday for St. Anne's, Soho,
in an attempt to find an email address for them, and received the
following response from a gentleman named Phil in Bristol:
"gosh I was there six weeks ago! But WITHOUT camera.
I met the lady vicar too!
The church was destroyed in the second world war except
for the tower. A new church was created alongside the tower
in the early 1990s, very small with lots of community rooms
etc. I have no Email contacts but you could try via the
Diocesan site: "

(this information certainly explains to me why the newer photo
didn't exactly look like the older drawing.)

hope this will be of some help.
Julie Thames Howell
Jacksonville, Florida

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Subject: Re: [Lon] St Anne Church Soho Inquest Jurymen 1874

Hi Julie - Thanks for posting that URL showing the photo of the
church, I've posted a list recently of jurymen from the locality
at an Inquest held there in 1874 for people to recognise:

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