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From: "Ray Goddard" <>
Subject: [Lon] A MILITARY Question and GODDARD
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 14:32:49 +1000

Hello to all,

I have just acquired a photograph of a relative whom I believe was a career soldier.

The photograph was taken to record his winning of an armed forces boxing title in 1921. Along with an array of trophies, there is an inscription to record details of the title.

Not being familiar with matters military, I wonder if a well informed person could decipher the text for me?

The inscription reads.... "L/C A. E. Goddard, 7th Q. O. Hussars, Bantam Weight Champion, Southern Command, Poona 1921"

Any information about any aspect of this inscription and how one might find details of the soldier's military history would be appreciated.In particular, what does "L/C" mean (Lance Corporal?), what would "7th Q. O. Hussars" mean and where would "Southern Command, Poona" be? India, perchance?


Ray Goddard
Melbourne, Australia.

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