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From: "Kate Martinson" <>
Subject: RE: [Lon] Free Census Project
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 20:31:44 +0100
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But the Surname Index will be available very much more quickly than
S&N's transcription! - and has been searchable since the beginning!
Having said that, these two projects are *not* mutually exclusive - our
data is being donated to S&N for double-checking of surnames (which is,
clearly, the most intractible problem in FH) and most of the volunteers
are submitting the same information to both projects.

I should like to remind the List that the online surname index was only
ever intended to be a *finding aid*, created by (and primarily for the
benefit of) census *owners* IN THE COURSE OF THEIR OWN RESEARCH. It is
simply a formal arrangement of the old "can somebody keep an eye out for
Joe Bloggs, last seen in Whitechapel" dead-end. As for FreeCen, IMHO
their work will shortly be overtaken by digitisal image releases.

Kate Martinson
London 1891 Surname Indexing Project:
London 1891 Surname Index Online:

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>>How does this tie in with the London 1891 index work being
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>>and S&N at
It would seem sensible to coordinate the effort which is being put in by
volunteers to make these indexes. It is such a huge task that
duplication is going to waste available person-power.

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