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From: "Patricia Kendell" <>
Subject: Re: [Lon] FreeCEN Project
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 05:41:06 +0100
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Hi Kate & fellow listers,

Like quite a few other people, I'm helping to translate the 1891 census.
Yes, the transcription may only be as good as the transcriber, but every
little helps to point people in the right direction. The FreeCEN project
is NOT just an index, it is every part of the census - name, age, address,
where born, relationship to head, page no., folio number & enumeration

Once the transcriber has finished the fiche, the work goes to a checker &
any queries are looked at. If the transcribers aren't sure about something -
i.e. an age or surname, a note is put in to that effect & the checker double
checks it. When they have finished, the work then goes on to a validator &
the whole thing is checked again. I can't see many mistakes or errors
filtering through when the work has been scrutinised so thoroughly. Yes,
there will be some, but not necessarily of the FreeCEN volunteers' making.

Because I live in Kent, I have been collecting Kent strays & have just
started posting them on the Kent mailing list. As far as I'm aware, the
co-ordinators have no problem with us doing that. In fact, it may even get
some of our "knockers" to think positively about the project and join us !
Even if they don't agree with what we're doing, I don't suppose it will stop
them looking at the census when it's up & running on the net. FOR FREE !!

As I'm sure Kate will testify, half the fun of transcribing is in the
deciphering. Sometimes you want to shake the enumerator by the throat, other
times you sit & wonder about the people you're transcribing - what they
looked like, how they lived. It all helps to bring these people back to
life. And, afterall, if it wasn't for THEM, WE wouldn't be here.

So - there you are. Lecture over. Back to transcribing, but his time with a
saucepan on my head, ready to receive everything that's going to be chucked
at me !

Bye bye !
Pat.x :o))
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From: Kate Martinson <>
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Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 8:31 PM
Subject: RE: [Lon] FreeCEN Project

> Ken, I absolutely agree with you. Any transcription is only as good as
> the transcriber - if 50% of the data is incorrect it would be better if
> that resource were only half complete. - would looker-uppers be prepared
to copy
> their (positive) finds to London1891-L?
> Kate Martinson

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