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Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 15:13:40 +0100

Good afternoon

I am requesting help from all you knowledgeable people out there.

How important is the way a name is written on a birth certificate or
marriage certificate. How can one determine which is correct.

I have just obtained a copy of my father's birth certificate and I had
always believed his name to have been Reginald Robert PYGALL but he is
shown as Robert Reginald on his BC. His father's name is Samuel Robert
PYGALL on the same BC but on his marriage certificate his father's name is
Robert Samuel PYGALL. Do you think they might have called both Robert but
to determine which one they used my father's second name although again
this is odd because his nickname was Chummy.

At the time of his birth his (my father that is) was living at 68
Christchurch Street in the Chelsea South area and his father in domestic
service was a hall porter. At some time in the future they moved to
Kingsbury - which part of London or Middlesex does that come under.

When I come to do a look up on freeBMD or the like is it best not to put in
a first name and hope the list is not too long for the surname.

Best regards

Hazel <: ) ) ) ) ><

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