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From: (Michael)
Subject: Re: [Lon] William Pitt the Younger
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 11:38:37 +1000

There is a book called, I think, "The family Pitt" by a retired admiral with
a hyphenated name. I haven't got my records here-something like
Osbert-Englander. I'll look it out this evening. It contains a family tree.
The elder became Lord Chatham I think. The collateral lines had numerous
offspring and the family had its fair share of eccenrrics. It was one of the
most famous families of the time. Pittsburgh, Pitt street,Sydney etc etc.

At 01:20 AM 18/04/02 +0100, Sharon Deane wrote:
>William Pitt the younger born 28 May 1759 Kent died Putney January 1806
>never married but was friendly with a lady named Elizabeth (no surname) he
>told her he could not propose. He and his father were both manic depressive.
>A biography was written in 1907 by Von Ruville and published by Heinemann
>(London). My own library could not find any on him but he is mentioned in
>assorted political books. He was born in Kent have you tried the rootsweb
>list for that they are very helpful.

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