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From: "Russell Hancock" <>
Subject: Re: [Lon] Naming children
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 23:00:59 +0100
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I am not convinced there was a pattern by the time second
names became popular.

My great grandfather was John Richard after his father and
His eldest was not John John but John William.
My grandfather was John Bright after the reformer

Some combinations just sound right.
Frederick George, William Henry, John Joseph, Mark Richard,
John Thomas, but not the reverse
Edward, Henry and James are more often middle names

Russell Hancock

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Subject: [Lon] Naming children

> Dear Listers,
> Would anyone who knows please tell me in what order - if
any - a person's children would be named after a couple's
parents? Was there a common formula?
> To make it clear (!? :)),
> If a couple had a son, would they give him the father's
father's name first and then the mother's father's name as a
second name? Or the other way round?
> If they had a girl would they give her the father's
mother's name first and then her mother's name as a second
name or the other way around?
> Guessing you're as confused as me but hoping for help :)
> Thank you,
> Maria.
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