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Subject: Re: [Lon] Formula for naming children
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 10:32:46 EDT

Hi Maria, et al,

I've always found this procedure intriguing because its one my ancestors
rarely followed! What I have discovered though (particularly with my
northern ancestors), is that they frequently named their children after
siblings and siblings spouses rather than their own parents and grandparents.



Searching London for:
TREWICK/TRUICK (all), COLLETT (esp. Stephen/Richard c.1762); MEDCRAFT (all),
HARTFIELD (esp. George & Hannah/Elizabeth c.1802), MAUND (all, esp. Sarah
c.1762), LEWIS (esp. Sarah,City pre-1780), DALBY (esp. Mary pre-1780);
CORNISH (William / James / Philip, 1780-1820); BURCH, PEACOCK, STONEHOUSE,
THELLUSSON (Stepney / Wapping / Bermondsey pre-1820);
LIFFEN (all), RAPER (pre- 1810, esp. with Bishopsgate/Stepney/Cleveland
connections), HASE (Samuel & Ann, descendents only, 1864 on);
GRIFFIFTHS (Richard and Sarah, descendents only, Stepney 1880 on);
WOODS (with Wiltshire connections only: Stepney/Poplar 1862 on)

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