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From: "Christopher and Joy Dean" <>
Subject: Re: [Lon] Middle Naming Children
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 10:40:26 +0100
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Names are fascinating! I have always thought it interesting that my
great-uncle's name was Howland
Walter BROOKS, and his aunt's second husband was John Howland CHAPMAN! Also,
my great-uncle (different side of the family this time) was called George
Jules SADD, and his aunt's husband was Jules Lowe.

Re middle names, an ancestor of mine was called Joseph Barber BROOKS, and I
am hoping that one day it will be found that the 'Barber' is his mother's
maiden name (whoever she was!!).

Joy Dean (nee Brooks)
(near Salisbury, Wiltshire)

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Subject: [Lon] Middle Naming Children
> one branch of my family had a habit of using middle names to name their
childrenso that their surnames did not die out.
> This one was a bit much, though:
> Edmund Louch William Biles Tyrell CASE
> b. 1817 in Dorset, but died in New Zealand 1877
> His mother's surname was Biles, father was Samuel CASE. Other ancestors
were Miss Louch and probably a Miss Tyrell.
> How common was this practice of giving surnames as middle forenames?
> George
> Best Wishes
> George Toth
> Stockport, Cheshire (Greater Manchester), UK>

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