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Hi Judith,
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> Do you know how I can locate St. Johns HAMMERSMITH on a map ?
> > Do you know where their Parish Registers, Marriages 1856
> are kept as I would like to purchase a photocopy of an entry.
> > Gratefully Judith in Cardiff

Still there and open in Glenthorne Road. Registers should be with LMA unless
still at church. this list may help.

Here is a list of all the Anglican churches of Fulham and Hammermith in
1890, with
the dates of the parish formation if known. As always, corrections welcome.
By 1945 there were some 27 ecclesiastical parishes (today 21),
The area is today the modern London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, .
Previously Fulham and Hammersmith had been [1900-1965] separate
Metropolitan boroughs in the County of London. Before that Fulham was an
ancient and civil parish, with a Vestry, in Middlesex until 1889 when the
County of London was created. In 1629 a chapel of ease was built in the
hamlet of Hammersmith and in the 19th.century Hammersmith became a separate
civil parish and Vestry from Fulham. Hammersmith was also known as Fulham
(North Side). There have been various minor adjustments to the [civil]
parish/met.bor', London boro'] boundaries over the past 150 years.
I've tried to comment about their IGI status, but if you go to and Browse > Browse Library Catalogue > Placename
Search [enter Fulham or Hammermith and select Middlesex] > Church Records
and Church Records-Indexes, you will see a list of all the LDS film
Batch numbers are at this site
Some churches may appear on the BVRI rather than the IGI.
If on the IGI or BVRI then the LDS has a film of the registers.[which may
not be complete].
Most registers should be with at LMA, Northampton Row
The London Borough Of Hammersmith & Fulham Archives has some registers and
other parish records - see
For locations see street and map sites list at end.
All Saints Fulham is the ultimate parent parish of them all, with St.Paul's
Hammersmith of all the Hammersmith parishes. You will
see that very few churches were in existence in 1837, when civil
of Births, Marriages and Deaths began...
For various reasons the format is somewhat different to previous lists.

THE PARISH OF FULHAM ALL SAINTS' [BEFORE 1154] chirch still open - All
Saints', Church Gate, Fulham - some registers with LBH&F Archives

[Metroplitan Borough of] FULHAM
1828 St.John, Walham Green (North End Road/Vanston Place) - still open
1835 St.Mary, North End [Chapel of Ease 1813] (Hammersmith Road/Edith Road)
bombed WW2 & rebuilt -still open.
1868 St.James,Moore Park - destroyed by fire 1970s - parish united to
St.John Walham Green.[Mission District 1864]*
1874 St.Andrew, Fulham Fields [Mission District 1868] (St.Andrew's Road/Star
Road)- still open
1883 St.Peter [Mission District 1881] (Filmer Road/Reporton Road)- still
1885 St.Dionis, Parson's Green [Mission 1876] built from the proceeds of the
sale of St.Dionis Backchurch in the City, contains many fittings from that
church. - still open.
1886 St.Clement [Mission District 1883]** (Fulham Palace Road/Crabtree Lane)
demolished 1974, replaced, parish united to St.Etheldreda 1974, still open,
retains registers.
1895 St.Matthew [Mission District 1884] (Wandsworth Bridge Road/Rosebury
Road) demolished 1998, rebuilt - still open.
1897 St.Etheldreda [Mission District 1894]** (Fulham Palace Road/Doneraile
Street), bombed 1940, rebuilt 1958 - still open, retains registers.
1897 St.Alban [John Street Mission 1881] (Margravine Road) Still open.
1899 St.Oswald [Lillie Road Mission 1884]* (St.Anselms Road) closed and
demolished 1970s, parish united to St.Augustine's.
1901 St.Augustine [Lillie Road Mission 1887]* (Lillie Road) bombed 1944,
worship in church hall until 1997, closed, parish united with St. Alban's.
Marriage registers 1956-1989 with LBH&F Archives
1903 Christ Church [Peterborough House Mission 1900] (Studdridge Street) -
still open

[Metropolitan Borough of] HAMMERSMITH
1834 St.Paul, Hammersmith [Chapel of Ease 1631] (Queen Caroline Street) -
still open. Registers with London Bor of Hammersmith & Fulham Archives

1836 St.Peter [Chapel of Ease 1829] (Black Lion Lane) - still open
1850 St. Stephen Acton Road, Shepherd's Bush (Uxbridge (formerly Acton)
Road/Coverdale Road) - still open
1859 St.John the Evangelist, Glenthorne Road (Glenthorne Road/Cambridge
Grove) - still open
1871 St.Matthew West Kensington Park, Sinclair Road - still open
1872 St.Luke, Uxbridge Road - rebuilt 1980s[?] - still open
1880 St.Simon West Kensington, Rockley Road - still open
1883 St.Thomas Apostle, Shepherd's Bush* (Godolphin Road/Thornfield Road) -
closed 1963, parish united to St.Stephen's, church now Greek Orthodox.
1887 St.Mary. Stamford Brook* (Stamford Brook Road) - closed 197? - parish
united to St.Saviour's, church converted to flats.
1890 Holy Innocents, (Paddenswick Road/Dalling Road) - still open
1891 St.Saviour Hammersmith, Cobbold Road - partly out of Acton parish -
still open
1929 St.Catherine Coleman,North Hammersmith - still open
1945 (Conventional District) St. Michael & St.George, White City - still
[These last two churches in Hammersmith followed the clearance of the White
City Exhibition Grounds.]
Most of these parishes also had mission chapels, e.g.St.Michael's in
St.Matthew's Parish, which never achieved independence.
A small area of each of the parishes of All Souls' Harlesden [see Willesden
list], St.Martin's, Kensal Rise; St.John's, Kensal Green; St Clement's
(St.Helen's) Kensington; Holy Trinity, Latimer Road; St.Clement's Notting
Hill; St.James, Norlands South; and St. John's, Holland Park [see Kensington
List] were in the Met. Boro' of Hammersmith (later London Borough of
Hammersmith & Fulham). A small area of St.James Moore Park was in the
Met.Boro'of Chelsea.
* Churches closed and parishes united with neighbours. **Parishes now
united - churches retained.

List of other institutions with Anglican chapels and/orchaplains will follow
when I have my source-book returned, but includes, from memory,
Fulham Union Workhouse and Infirmary, Fulham Palace Road; St.James Convent
and Penitentiary, Fulham Palace Road; Fulham Wasteland and Lygon Almshouses,
Fulham Palace Road; St.Katharine's Convent, Normand Park; Hammersmith
Cemetery, Margravine Road, Fulham Cemetery, Fulham Palace Road; Hammersmith
Hospital, Ducane Road; St.Paul's School, |Hammersmith Road; Kensal Green
Cemetery, Harrow Road (part); H.M.Prison, Wormwood Scrubs, Ducane Road;
H.M.Women's Prison, Fulham;

A reminder that some good sites for London Streets past and present are:
Godfrey maps,
Lost and renamed streets

Streets today

Map 1827
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