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From: "Ron Lankshear" <>
Subject: RE: [Lon] Middle Naming Children
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 10:10:15 +1000
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LOL Thanks John, I ran that script for my wife
Vicar - "How do name this child?"
Response - "Thomas Lankshear" - (they should have said just "Thomas")
and so Thomas Lankshear LANKSHEAR
And Christine laughed and agreed that's it......

By the way my middle name is Gerald after Dad's brother's son - my first
which I think fits some of those formula suggestions.
And Ronald after Ronald Colman - the film star
mainly as it rhymed with Mum's first choice - Donald
but Dad said have pity on the boy what about the Walt Disney character
Thanks Dad - Quack Quack

Ron LANKSHEAR - Sydney Australia
(from Shepherds Bush and Chiswick)

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From: John Henley [mailto:]

It is not uncommon - the Baptism Service in the Book of Common Prayer
requires the priest to ask the godparents "Name this child" - and then
Baptize the child in the Name thus furnished. Surnames are not used in
Baptism, tho' the godparents did not always realise that, hence the double
appellations. Until well after WW2, it was common, especially in urban
parishes, for parents merely to turn up at the appointed hour for Baptism,
without prior notice. Registration was done afterwards, and the vicar would
not always know the family, as is evidenced by the occasional entry in
Baptism registers where the christian names are recorded with nothing else
save a marginal note that the party did not stay on for registration.
One notable example of this, was the Bishop of St.Davids 1956-1971 - John
Richards RICHARDS, who would recount the reason for his double-naming.
John Henley

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