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From: "Frank W" <>
Subject: Re: [Lon] Gutta Percha works
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 12:00:12 +0100
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Hi Kay

The area is shown on the Godfrey map No 50 (Clerkenwell. Kings Cross & The
Angel) which is published in two versions, 1871 and 1914.

If you imagine a Capital letter A , then Macclesfield Street is the
righthand slope of the letter, and Macclesfield Place is a small close in
the open space below the crossbar of the letter.

In 1914 the western side of Macclesfield Street was housing, and the eastern
side was industrial properties which on their far side bordered on the docks
and wharves associated with the Regent Canal system. The 1914 map shows
Tobacco and Timber industrial premises but no visible Gutta Percha works in
the vicinity, though some factory premises are not identified.

There should be a street directory for the general area around the 1840-1850
era, and this may show what was in Macclesfield Street, probably there was
only housing in Macclesfield Place then.

I have Census refs for Macclesfield Street in 1851 and 1861 and since it is
so close to Macclesfield Place, they should be a good starting point for
looking up the Census refs for your people.

St Luke 1851 HO 107 Piece No 1520 ( Macclesfield St was on Folio
320 )
St Luke 1861 RG 9 Piece No 201 ( Macclesfield St was on
Folio 116 )

Probably SKS will be able to provide the LDS film nos for these.

I have nothing for 1841, or 1871 but the 1881 Census is on CD, and so also
the 1891 Census so the
info is available if of interest. (1881 can be searched by name, and 1891
by address)

(Suggest a Ouija Board for researching the 'dear-departed' 1901 Census !)

The 1914 map shows the nearest churches to Macclesfield Place:

St Barnabas, King Square 1842 onward (almost on the
St Clement, City Rd, Finsbury 1876 onward
St Paul, Peartree St, Finsbury. 1865 onward
St Peter, St John St, Finsbury 1871 onward
St Mathews, City Rd, Finsbury 1848 onward
St Luke,Old St., Finsbury 1733 onward

Records for these churches are held at London Metropolitan Archives,
earliest dates as above.

There was also a Chapel in Moreland Road in 1914 (no info on this)


Frank W

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Subject: [Lon] Gutta Percha works

> The family was living at 12, Macclesfield Place, in the St Luke's
> section of London. I need help finding the place. The 13 yr old son was
> employed at a "Gutta Percha works." Is that what it sounds like? A
> fish cleaning place? This was 1851. What was the area like then?
> I would appreciate any info.
> Good hunting,
> Kay in Pennsylvania
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