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Subject: Re: [Lon] Slightly off topic.
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 00:24:20 -0700
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if i'm reading your response correctly, then you are incorrect.
Rootsweb has a list for every state in the US as well as for
every county within each state. there are lists for special
interests, ethnic groups, surnames, and an International section
for dozens of countries. go to and
you will see the Rootsweb lists that are available.

GenForum can be accessed at
GenForum offers lists for every state in the US as well as
General Genealogy, Immigration-Emigration and Migration,
Religions, Wars, Miscellaneous and Genealogy Software and the

the url that you gave is for the GenForum site. You can post a
message and set up the system to automatically notify you when
someone responds to your message. (the responses are posted to
the GenForum list, not to you personally.)

the Rootsweb lists that i mentioned at
are entirely different from GenForum.

Julie Thames Howell
Jacksonville, Florida

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There not the same sort of thing - no lists per state e.g.
However, there is the rootsweb surnames. Log on to and enter the surname you are
seeking. It will show listers from all over the world.

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