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Subject: Re: [Lon] Cert oddity.
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 00:13:36 -0400

I can relate to this problem Janette. I almost got my brother fired
because in our family we had the odd habit of calling my two brothers by
their middle names. Now mind I also have four sisters, but first names
were good enough for the females. My brother's name was actually James
Lionel, but being 20 years younger than he, I didn't know he had two
names - I only knew him as Lionel. Anyway one morning his boss called
needing him urgently - unfortunately at work and among his friends he was
known as Jim, so his boss asked to speak to Jim. I told him there was no
Jim living at this number and hung up. Luckily he called back and got my
Mother so it all came out all right in the end. Since then I have known
other families (always of British heritage) who shared this practice. I
assumed it was some kind of English custom, at least for males.
On Wed, 1 May 2002 09:15:00 +1000 "Burrows, Janet"
<> writes:
> Hello Patti
> This happened in my family. My mother's name was "Mary", but all
> her family
> and friends called her "Dix" or "Dixie". My father's side of the
> family
> always called my mother "Mary". When I introduced myself to my
> mother's
> friends I always said I was "Dixie's" daughter, not "Mary's"
> daughter. They
> immediately knew who I was. My mother's mother was Christian "Sarah
> Rose",
> but on her death certificate she was just called "Rose".
> Janette
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> Hi
> I have a branch of my family that seems to have made it a family
> tradition
> of going by a name other than their given name. My mother and both
> her
> parents were known by their middle names. Two of my grandmother's
> brothers
> used names that didn't match either of their given names. Their
> grandmother
> was christened Grace Matilda, yet somehow turned into Lillian Hilda
> and one
> of her children was born Esther Ethel, married as Esther Ruby and
> died as
> Pearl Ruby.
> This family research stuff would be so much easier if people just
> choose one
> name and stuck to it (and preferably never moved).
> Patti
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