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From: "John Henley" <>
Subject: [Lon] St Pancras Churches 1890.
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 18:59:13 +0100
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Hi Andrew,
----- Original Message ----- From: "Andrew Knight" <>
> Would someone let me know which record office holds the registers for the
> parish of St Pancras, and whether there is a web address for them?
> > I am looking for some baptisms and hope to visit unless someone is going
> would kindly do a lookup for me?

They are at the LMA (London Metropolitan Archives). Also largely indexed on
the IGI online and therefore filmed by the LDS.
BUT see notes on St.Pancras churches in the list below.
This list may help
St Pancras old church has been there since Roman times (314), has a 6th.cent
altar stone and some Norman features though heavily "restored" since.
Entering the postcode NW1 1UL at should find it
for you. St Pancras Old Church ceased to be the parish church of St Pancras
in 1822 when the St.Pancras New Church was opened. In the 1860s Old
St.Pancras was assigned a parish again.
The LDS rather confusingly continues to call the registers for St.Pancras
New, St Pancras Old.
St.Pancras parish (which ended up with 33 ecclesiastical parishes by 1890)
was a unit of civil government, a Vestry until 1900, becoming the
Metropolitan Borough of St.Pancras, and then part of the London Borough of
Camden in 1974. It was the seventh most populated borough [1881 - 236,000]
in England, although not very large geographically.
This list of St.Pancras churches 1890 may help, with date founded where
known. St Pancras is the original parent parish of all. The presence of a
number of chapels of ease in St.Pancras parish (before division) means that
baptism which took place in these appear to have been
entered up from time to time in the main registers in blocks, out of date
order with the main run.
I've tried to comment about their IGI status, but if you go to and Browse > Browse
Library Catalogue > Placename Search [enter St Pancras and select
St Pancras, Middlesex - it is VERY picky about the spelling of St.Pancras,
if no luck fist time try all possible variations - Saint Pancras, StPancras,
Pancras, and so on] > Church Records and Church Records-Indexes, you
will see a list of all the LDS film holdings.
Batch numbers are at this site
Some churches may appear on the BVRI rather than the IGI.
If on the IGI or BVRI then the LDS has a film of the registers.[which may
not be complete].
Registers should be with LMA, Northampton Row.

*[New] St Pancras, Euston Road, [1822 - when opened replaced the next as
parish church of all St.Pancras - see above notes] - IGI. Still in use
*Old St.Pancras, Pancras Road [now St.Pancras Way]. [Roman? - see note
above] Still in use
*All Hallows, Shirlock Street, Gospel Oak [1894] still in use
*All Saints, Gordon Square, St.Pancras [before 1862] gone by 1957.
*All Saints, Camden Town, Camden Street [originally called Camden Chapel,
1830, separate parish 186?] from 1948 All Saints' Greek Orthodox Cathedral
parish united to St.Michael's, Camden Road
*Barracks Chapel, Albany Street, Regent's Park [non-parochial].
*Christ Church, Albany Street (Redhill Street ) [1837] church now
St.George's Greek Orthodox Cathedral, parish now united with S.Mary Mag,
Munster Square.
*Foundling Hospital Chapel, Guilford Street [non-parochial] - baptisms.
*Holy Cross, Cromer Street, Gray's Inn Road [district chapelry, 1878, parish
1888] still in use
*Holy Trinity, Clarence Way, Haverstock Hill [1850] still in use
*St.Andrew, Maldon Road, Haverstock Hill [1865] blitzed and demolished 1955
**Mission Church of Good Shepherd [mission church to above]
*St.Silas, Shipton Place (now St.Silas Place) Prince of Wales Road/Maldon
Road [1912] still in use
*St.Anne, Brookfield, Highgate Rise (now Highgate West Hill) [1853] still
in use
*St.Barnabas, Kentish Town Road [1884] from 1957 St.Andrew's Greek Orthodox
Cathedral, parish united with Holy Trinity Clarence Way.
*St.Benet and All Saints Lady Margaret Road, Kentish,Town. [1885] still in
*St.Mary, Brookfield, Dartmouth Park Hill [1875] still in use
*St.Bartholomew, Gray's Inn Road [1860 ] destroyed in blitz
*St. James, Hampstead Road [1791, cemetery chapel for St.James Piccadilly's
"new" cemetery, parish church before 1864] now demolished.
*Kentish Town Parish Church [St.John the Baptist] Highgate Road [from
1449-1784 the Kentish Town chapel-of-ease to St.Pancras stood in Kentish
Town Road (site at nos.205-213) replaced in 1784 by this church in Highgate
Road which became a separate parish in 1863. It disappears from the records
1993/4 and I do not know what has happened to it!
*St.John Evangelist, Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square. [1847] now
gone - when ??
*St.Jude, Gray's Inn Road [1847, 1863] closed 1935, demolished 1936. Parish
united to Holy Cross. Some of the fittings went to Holy Cross.
*St Luke, Oseney Crescent, Kentish Town [1869] church closed, parish united
with St.Benet & All Saints.
*St Mark, (Prince) Albert Road, Regents Park [1853] still in use
*St.Martin, Vicar's Road, Kentish Town [1865] still in use
*St.Mary Magdalene, Munster Square [1852] Still in use
*St.Mary Somers Town (Seymour Street, Euston Square, Eversholt Street)
[1852] still in use
*St.Matthew, Oakley Square [1852] church demolished 1980s, parish united to
Old St.Pancras.
*St Michael, Camden Road [1881] still in use
*St.Paul, Camden Square [1869?] still in use, replaced by modern 1970s
*St.Peter, Regent Square [1826,district chapelry 1851,separate parish 1868]
blitzed. parish united to Holy Cross
*St.Saviour, London Street, Fitzroy Square [before 1882] now gone - when?
*St.Thomas, Agar Town [Wrotham Road] [1864] damaged in war. Now demolished.
united to St.Michael's Camden Road.

St.Pancras Workhouse ; St.Pancras Infirmary, Dartmouth Park Hill ; Parochial
Cemetery at Finchley ; University Colege Hospital ; Central London
Infirmary, Cleveland Street ; Boys' Home, Regent's Park Road ; Home and
Colonial Training College, Gray's Inn Road ; North London Collegiate School
; St.Saviour's Cancer Hospital, Osnaburgh Street ; Queen Charlotte's
Hospital ; St.Martin's Almshouses, Bayham DStreet, Camden Town; Nursing
Instution, University College Hospital.
A reminder that some good sites for London Streets past and present are:
Godfrey maps, and
Maps 1666-1934 - CD from
Lost and renamed streets

Streets today

Map 1827
Map 1859:
Map 1862:
Map 1889
Map 1899
Some City parishes


John Henley
(still catching up on masses of emails )
using Archive CDs - see
and researching (and not finding much time for - but always very glad to
hear of any)
[IN London/Middx./Essex/Suffolk]
HILL [IN Staffs/Cambs/Berks]

> Baptisms
> John KNIGHT abt 1837
> Herbert Edward KNIGHT abt 1873, son of John and Maria
> Florence KNIGHT abt 1871, dau of John and Maria
> thanks in advance
> Andrew
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