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From: "Adrian & Elizabeth" <>
Subject: RE: [Lon] Delicate Handling
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 21:07:22 +0100
In-Reply-To: <001601c2065e$07d9c540$7b28989e@oemcomputer>

My persuasive nature made my 90 year old grandma reveal that her
grandfather had had sexual relations with his daughter and produced a
child (the child died at about 6 months)! Grandma had not spoken of it
for 70 years - that was the worst bit and also all the old people in the
village knew !

1) I felt very bad as I wasn't sure this was the kind of info I wanted
out of my genealogy! - but then it would have gone to the grave
2) Grandma felt bad because she couldn't believe she had told her grand
daughter but
3) when I told my dad he just shrugged and said he knew 'they' were a
'funny lot' anyway !

Moral of the story - You will never know how people will react but you
need to be able to react with them to comfort / sooth / reassure / get
the hell out of there! You have to be ready to open a can of worms.


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