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From: "L.P.Jones" <>
Subject: [Lon] 1901
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 08:58:38 +0100


There has been much talk about the 1901 already and someone has even
suggested too much but I hope we continue to explore ways leading to
better understanding of what we have. Here are two things that you can

1Enter a Surname, Sex and County of birth. This will give you a list of
all the people in this category together with their whereabouts in the
Country when the Census was taken. You can repeat this process for the
opposite sex and then for spelling variations. Using this method I
quickly found 700 names in just 4 counties for my one name study.

2Advice has been given that if you hover the mouse over a person's icon
then the address of the page that he/she is listed on will show up.
Perhaps an ever so slightly better method is to hover over the name
itself and right click on the mouse. Clicking on 'properties' will then
reveal the individuals allocated number. Using this method I found that
6 members of a family I was interested in had the last three digits in
the range 755/760 and that the other two names I was looking at as
possible siblings were shown as 761 and 762 with all the numbers for the
children being in numerical order.

In connection with this, it may well be that if there is a gap in the
numbering system then a sibling may have been born outside the County
giving you a clue to possible further research.

Peter Jones

Studying Trus(s)ler, Tus(s)ler, Truslow , Truslove and their many
spelling variations worldwide
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