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From: "Ellen Elliott" <>
Subject: RE: [Lon] Age difference on census
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 15:27:28 -0500
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Amen, David,

I have my Aunt's baptismal certificate. She was born in the late
1890's, at home and did not have a birth cert.
There are so many erasures for her year of birth, the paper is almost worn

On the back you can see where she had done the math to make the year to show
her to be 'only'64.
This was around 1965 and the department store where she worked was trying to
get rid of her.
I can vividly remember the store demanding she prove her age.

She was the manager of the religious goods dept. (very Christian of them,
In those days, in the US, age discrimination was OK. It still goes on, of
course, but it's much more subtle.

All the women in that side of the family were very creative with their age.

My great great grandmother started reducing her age so drastically that
in one census, she would have only been about 11-12 when she started
having children. And several of her kids would have been born years after
the death of her husband.

I'm hitting that age where I understand only too well why.


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