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Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 07:53:59 +1100
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Hi Hazel,

Hope this helps. It came from an old copy (no date) of a book called the
unviersal home doctor. I am assuming that oedema and odemia is the same.
The o and e are stuck together as in old writing.

You are right, oedema is a symptom, not a cause. According to the book it
is "the swelling which occurs in driopys is known as oedema. There is an
accumulation of watery fluid beneath the skin..." Also see dropsy.

Dropsy "is the name given to an unusually watery state of the tissues of the
body" . Then you go on to Dropsies of Heart and Kidney disease. "Dropsy
cause by disease of the kidneys is not so severe as that caused by heart

Anemia is caused by a blood problem, and the kidneys filter the blood. So,
at a guess (and it is only a guess) she had kidney problems somehow, causing
anemia and she died of it.

Good hunting

Sue - Astralia

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> After getting a death cert for a relative, im now wondering exactly what
> she died of your opinions wanted calling on the doctors. The person in
> question female 24yrs in domestic service not married explanation of
> death chronic anemia and odemia, the year 1907.Please excuse the
> spelling, to me these seem more like symptoms and not cause any ideas as
> to what was wrong with this young lady .Regards Hazel.
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