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From: Eve McLaughlin <>
Subject: Re: [Lon] Time of birth stated on birth certificates
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 01:33:50 +0000
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In message <007501c2d93d$48b8d3a0$>, Lamond
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>I was wondering if anyone could please shed light on the stating of the precise
>time of birth on a birth certificate. I have never had it happen before, but now
>that it has I seem to remember years ago someone mentioning that on the birth
>certificates of twins, the exact time of birth is stated. The certificate in
>question reads:Ellen Annette Mary Corvan, born 19th April, 1846. 5 P.M., at 16--
>---------(unreadable address, unfortunately, but the district was The Regents
>Park, Saint Pancras). The Free BDM site shows no mention of another birth
It should mean a twin birth. Maybe the other birth just hasn't been
indexed yet (she's Annette - if the twin is Zachariah, maybe he will
come in later.)
>- or
>death- of a Corvan child at the same time, so if she was a twin perhaps the
>other baby was stillborn and therefore not registered?
> Also, with marriage certificates, if the father of either party is deceased
>at the time of the marriage, does it state so on the certificate?
It states what the bride or groom said at the time. If he/she said Dad
was dead, then the certificate says so. If , then that goes in. You
can't really argue one or the other, for sure.

Eve McLaughlin

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