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From: "FMB" <>
Subject: RE: [Lon] why would someone in London join the Devon Regiment in 1914 war
Date: Sun, 4 May 2003 23:03:47 +0100
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From what I found out, it would appear, it was whichever regiment was at the
recruiting office when they signed up. My Edmonton, Middlesex lad, joined
the Dublin Fusiliers and this was the explanation given to his nephew when
he queried it some long while ago.

Frances B.

> ----------
> Forgive me asking ,but do you have evidence that he "joined" or enlisted
> with the Devon Regiment.?? You see one of my Surrey boys was killed at the
> Battle of Arras as a member of the Northumberland Fusiliers.I asked the
> similar question to later find that he enlisted in the Hampshire
> Regimentand was later transferred to the North Fus.
> Apparently this was common practice as the Regiments at the front were
> taking heavy casualties and replacements were needed.
> This is just one option.
> James ELLIS,Lincs.
> ----------
> | I do hope this isn't a silly question, but could someone tell me how in
> the 1914-18 war did a guy decide which regiment to join.
> |
> | My ancestor William G Challis, who lived in Chelsea, joined the 2nd Bat.
> Devon Regiment, and subsequently died 1st July 1916 in one of the
> Battles of
> the Somme.
> |
> | Regards
> | Angela

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