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From: "John Brown" <>
Subject: Re: [Lon] Help
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 19:33:53 +0100
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"Madeleine Berks" <> wrote :

>Does anyone ever feel that they are 'thick' or stupid in the way they
>communicate with others on this list? I receive loads of general
>messages duplicated time after time after time; I often answer queries
>and never see my answer posted. And I read lots of answers given to
>questions that I haven't even seen. Why haven't I seen the original
>question ? Weird or what ? I dare say that there is a simple answer to
>this unsophisticated mess and I hope that I have the wherewithal to
>understand any explanation that is given. Please sort me out.

Various possibilities, though I have no similar problems, also using
'btopenworld'. Duplicated messages may result from a premature
termination of a download; when the process is recommenced the message
download starts again from scratch, duplicating any messages downloaded
before the previous termination. Other than this, I suggest you contact

Not seeing your own posts may be due to you hitting the 'Reply' rather
than the 'Reply All' button on your screen. 'Reply' will only send a
message to the original poster, not to the List as a whole; for this,
you need to use 'Reply All'.

Why you should consistently miss messages could be down to the clear
problem with the time delay for messages from and to different ISPs that
often results in answers appearing before the question they relate to.
The questions do appear, but some time after the answers start turning
up - is this what you mean ? If yes, then join the club :-)

John B
Leic., Eng.

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