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From: "Geoff & Tracey Bradfield" <>
Subject: Re: [Lon] Relationship
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 08:37:12 +1000
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Hi all
I do not put my bit in very often with discussions, but wanted to just say that I find it all tooooo confusing when referring to Great Aunt/Uncles ( I am ok for maybe 3 gens back - after that forget it). I need to use fingers to count backwards, so to throw the word "Grand" would be just way to much for my little head and when it comes to 'Removed', I try not to go there very often :-)
Brisbane Aust.
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From: bcunning
Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2003 7:16 AM
Subject: Re: [Lon] Relationship

Hello Keith. I do not find the use of Great, Grand or Great Grand
confusing, but I do agree that the"removed cousins " terms are a total
mystery to me. Cheers, Bob

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From: "Keith" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2003 7:55 AM
Subject: Re: [Lon] Relationship

> Using great, great, indicates to most the degree of separation, but adding
> grand into the equation when it comes to nieces and nephews tends to
> confuse.
> It is difficult enough to get many to understand X times removed cousins
> without confusing the issue with greats and grands.
> Keith Wellington, NZ

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